Another amazing creation by the talented designer of Countdown - AntoniaXP.
Only recently I became one of the brand's official bloggers and you cannot imagine my excitement when I saw a notice with a box full of her Spring-Summer 2013 designs. 
The expression on my face while I was opening the bags one by one was priceless! A little smile turned into a massive one from ear to ear in only a few minutes.

So, the Effect outfit was the first one I picked to style and here are the results:

Styling Details:

Outfit (including dress, blazer, gloves, suspenders and stockings): Effect outfit by Countdown
Shoes: Femme in Noir Intense by N-core 
Hat: Vivid in Black - ribbon colour changeable by *LODE*
Necklace: Ambrosia Collar by SYS
Earrings: Lola Leaves in Black (Death version) by {Cherry} 


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