This is the third one of a series of posts reviewing exclusive items that can be found at the Fashion For Life 2015 event.

In this post the items featured are from Petit Chat.

Trinity Yazimoto - designer & owner of Petit Chat - has created these two lovely dresses for Fashion for Life 2015

The Wrap Around outfit (left) belongs to the Petit Chat ArtFashion product line and was textured based on Trinity's digital artwork "Wrap around" - currently part of the exhibition "Fragments".
This outfit includes a rigged mesh dress in five (5) sizes as well as a non-rigged headpiece. 

The Entwined dress (right) belongs to the Petit Chat Regular (Spring '15) product line and is made of vinyl and metal fabrics. The dress comes five (5) different sizes and is available in four (4) different colours; RED (as shown in the picture), teal, pink and yellow.

Both items can be found at the Petit Chat in the [Paris FFL 2015 sim].

More about Trinity Yazimoto's Product Lines:

Petit Chat ArtFashion
"With her productline Petit Chat ArtFashion, Trinity Yazimoto gathers her passion for fashion and her creativity she expresses in her artworks. She uses pieces of clothing to become canvas for her art. She reworks carefully every painting for they match perfectly with the clothes, adding then materials and textures for a unique look. She wants every customer to feel proud to wear her designs."

Petit Chat Regular
"A lovely casual line focusing on femininity. High quality textures. Trinity brings you a fashion easy to wear every day with touches of originality."

□ □ □

More outfits of both lines can be found at the [Petit Chat Main Store].
Also, do not forget to check out Trinity's exhibition at the [Petit Chat Art Gallery].


SLURL to the Fashion For Life 2015

For more information about Fashion For Life 2015, please read [here].



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