This is the fifteenth one of a series of posts reviewing items that can be found at the Fashion For Life 2015 event.

In this post the items featured are from Baboom.

Baboom by Kyra Camel is participating at Fashion For Life 2015 with three (3) exclusive items.

□ □ □

The Camille gown by Baboom is available in five (5) different sizes. 100% of the proceeds are donated to Relay for Life.

□ □ □

Kyra has created the Claire outfit which can also be found at Fashion For Life 2015. Claire consists of a mesh round sweater and a mini skirt and they are both available in five (5) different sizes.

□ □ □

Lastly, Roxanne - available at Fashion For Life 2015 - is an outfit which includes a mesh vest and skinny pants. Again, both items are available in five (5) different sizes.

□ □ □

All these stunning items and more can be found until March 29th, 2015 at the Baboom store at [Paris FFL 2015 sim]. 

More items by Kyra Camel of Baboom can be found at the [main store].


SLURL to the Fashion For Life 2015

For more information about Fashion For Life 2015, please read [here].



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