Bodza Blackadder - designer and owner of *Whimsical Imaginarium* has created the wonderful Distant Horizons outfit for the SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion event. The outfit is available in three lovely, pale shades - MILA (as shown in the picture above), Aliza and Soraya.

According to Bodza, the outfit "is named after a TES V Skyrim Soundtrack, Distant Horizons by Jeremy Soule and is dedicated to the SAVIAD owners Mila, Aliza and Soraya for their "first birthday together".

Here is a link to the song Bodza mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYRVKuASqS8

In the package, you will find the main mesh gown available in five (5) different sizes, a stunning head piece made of flowers, pearls and a net and flowers attachments for the shoulders and chest.

Landmark to the SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion location [here].

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*Whimsical Imaginarium* Distant Horizons - Styling Details:

Distant Horizons - for Mila outfit by *Whimsical Imaginarium*
Lilim Exposed nails for TMP Natural Hands by ~GD~


For more information about the SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion event, please read [here].



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