In this post the items featured are from Ghee and {MUA}.

Ghee is participating in the Fashion for Change event with the sexy Tropicana jumpsuit which is available in four (4) different colour combinations - FANDANGO (shown in the pictures above), Grapetini, Lagoon and Tango. The jumpsuit is available in five (5) sizes and also comes with the head wrap. Please note that 50% of the profits are donated to Womankind Worldwide.

A second item that Ghee have created for Fashion for Change is the One-Off Monochrome Edition of the Tropicana jumpsuit which will be on auction.

Tropicana Monochrome jumpsuit by Ghee
Direct landmark to the Ghee store at Fashion for Change is [here].

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The lipstick worn in the images above is part of the exclusive Water makeup set that Shanty Bookmite of {MUA} has created for the Fashion for Change event. The makeup set comes with appliers for the TMP head, LoudMouth, NyamNyam and Sweetlips mouths.

Direct landmark to the {MUA} store at Fashion for Change is [here].

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Ghee Tropicana and {MUA} Water - Styling Details:

Tropicana jumpsuit in Fandango shade by Ghee
Water lipstick by {MUA}
Sarayi Painted hoops in Gold by Zaara
Nizam bangles in Aqua by Zaara
Voyante ring plain by Je Suis...
Kaelyn pumps by Bens Boutique


Main Landing Point to the Fashion for Change event:

For more information about the Fashion For Change event, please read [here].



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