After a fairly stressing assessment at InWorld Inc. HQ last evening, I got accepted at the Advanced classes that InWorld Inc offers to its students! I was so excited! After all, I am making a step closer to making my dream true! During the assessment mistakes, lag, viewer configurations did their best to stop me from getting a place on the course; however, it went alright and Teyita and Dasia made me so happy when they announced their decisions. The styling including fitting took some time but it was absolutely worth it ... methinks!

The next step was the filling in of the application and taking photos of myself! The last bit proved more challenging than I thought it would be! SL Viewer kept crashing and taking photos in front of a plain green panel involved fine movements of the camera, which is not the easiest thing to do at 3am...

Anyway, the results can be seen below... I hope you enjoy them! Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Chloe - Full Body @ Mayfair

Chloe - Close up @ Mayfair


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