If you loved The Fire Dance jewelry set by Belle Roussel, you are going to want this stunning masterpiece to be yours too! Kundalini is the name of this wonderful set which actually includes the outfit you see as well! Where should I start with this? 

So, Kundalini is a complete national outfit which was created for Valsnia who represented the country of India in the Miss SL 2015 competition. This outfit comes as a whole but you are also able to purchase the jewelry pieces separately. So, what are we looking at? Firstly, there is an amazing mesh Sari which comes in 5 sizes and is accompanied by flexi attachments for that extra flow. Apart from this we have a stunning headpiece, a choker and breast plate, decoration for the back, earrings, a nose hoop, a Bindi, several bangles and upper armlets, belts, toe rings and anklets for Slink High feet. What else could you ask for? As far as the materials is concerned, Gold metal in combination with Rubellite Tourmaline, Emerald Cahochonne and Pearls make this amazing set a real treasure for every lucky man or woman who owns it!

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Outfit | Chop Zuey - Kundalini
Headpiece & Jewelry | Chop Zuey - Kundalini
Lipstick | Elysium - Anja [Plumrose]
Skin | Elysium - Amalie


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