So, here I am once again! After the wonderful news of my graduation from Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy last Sunday 17th February, I felt I was ready to make my move! That 3 day workshop/assessment/session - whatever one may call it - was one of the most inspiring ones I have ever attended so far. Learnings, feedback, different aspects, insight into fashion and modeling... Three days I won't ever forget and will always keep in mind wherever this journey make take me to.

Going through the countless items I have in my inventory, my eye got stuck to Glam Affair's Candy, and immediately thought of the (still recent) song Candy by Robbie Williams. So, being inspired by that song, here's my outfit interpretation.

Hope you enjoy it!

Styling details:

Jumpsuit: Nana Suit in Candy by Glam Affair 
Shoes: Move Pumps in Teal by [e] 
Hair: Candice by Vanity
Hat: Oly by Glam Affair
Scarf: Infinity in Violet by {mon tissu} 
Gloves: Jessamine in Rose Leather by [Belgravia]
Ring (R): Voyante plain by je suis...

Laters xoxo


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