One of the challenges assigned during the 3 day workshop/assessment/session - whatever one may call it - was an outfit made specifically for a "Cocktail Party with Karl Lagerfeld".
Oh my goodness, I can still remember the endless hours I spent on research - including reading online resources, watching YouTube videos, going through several blogs and then painfully looking for the items I needed in-world and on the marketplace.

At this point I need to thank three people who helped me so much in my search for the items I was looking for; Caoimhe Lionheart, Natzuka Miliandrovic and Lilliana Levee. My stars! I am not sure I would have made it without their kind assistance!

Anyway, so here I am ready for a fun night out!

Styling Details:
Transparent top: Top included in the outfit Blazer Suit [White & Black] by GizzA
Skirt: Nikka in Pitch by Celoe
Hair: 2CUTE4U2 in Umber by Vanity
Tights: Soft Shine Pantyhose Black 20 by BAX 
Shoes: COQUETE Platform in Pure Black by N-core 
Bow: Bow included in the Bow Shirt in Black by *COCO*
Belt: Bindi by MOLICHINO
Clutch: Vintage Chanel Quilted by J U D A S ::: The Revolution
Earrings: Chanel by J U D A S ::: The Revolution 
Ring: Times Square in Kyanite - Dark Blue by P.C

Laters xoxo


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