And this is my last post for today... I promise!

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to watch a marvellous show hosted by the BLVD Agency; the theme was inspired by the Galliano Couture Collection. All the models were fabulous and once again, they set the bar of expectations too high for all of us.

At the end of the show and after a rather stressful - for its participants - auction of the lovely dress that Mr Frolic Mills was wearing, all the outfits presented by the models in the show went up for sale at 50% discount - only for 24 hours.

So, as expected I was among the first ones to run and check all the magnificent creations out. Of course, I could not resist... So, here is the fantastic gown designed by the very talented AntoniaXP of Countdown.


Styling Details:
Dress: Galliano Inspiration by Countdown (Exclusive for the Fashion For Life 2013 event)
Gloves: Part of the Galliano Inspiration outfit by Countdown
Hair accessory: BitterSweet in Spring by *LODE* 
Arm feathers: Part of the Riga outfit - bolero by *SoliDea FoliEs* 
Necklace: Crystal Encased Etched in Gold by P.C; 
Earrings: :: Entangled :: in Gold by Cae
Bracelet: Playcube bracelet by Finesmith
Ring: Golden Cups Ring by P.C; 


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