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One more post under the "Look of the Day" concept.
I am actually so excited about this but let's see how it will work this week...

So, I put this outfit together to go to the final event organised for the Fashion For Life 2013. I wanted something chic yet playful and this dress combines both these elements. There is a funny story about this dress; one day I found myself wandering around the Zenshi shopping area carelessly and without having any plans of emptying my pockets. When I walked into the LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor store, I laid my eyes on that dress and I couldn't take them away. 

Now if I actually bought an item every time I just laid my eyes on it, then I would need to have a 3rd life to afford my RL and SL. So, at that moment I was trying to picture it in potential outfits I could make. My mind went blank...as if I didn't really need that dress. Hence, I walked away... 

And came back again...and again...and again!

One day, I found myself in Collabor88 and found that magnificent hair accessory and then my mind clicked! The picture of the outfit came to me! So, I immediately got the accessory and ran to the LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor store hoping I was still lucky and I could get my copy of the dress. 

It seems I was lucky...

Styling Details:

Dress: Baroque in Rouge by [[LD]] Major
Shoes: Carla Pumps in Black by Color.Me.H.O.F
Tights: Soft Shine Pantyhose in Black by BAX 
Gloves: Part of the Galliano Inspiration Outfit by Countdown 
Bow: L'Bow in Onyx by DRIFT 
Hair: Vibrato by LeLutka
Hair accessory: I Follow Rivers in Rouge by -Glam Affair- 
Bracelet: Agam in Red by *TWISHEE* 
Ring: Golden Wings by P.C


  1. lovely post, thank you for showcasing the DRIFT L'bow <3



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