A few days ago, I got the chance to receive two amazing pieces which are featured in this post. One of them is from -AZUL- and the other from Chop Zuey! I am sure that these names are already familiar to you; if not, then get the landmarks below and go have a look at the wonderful creations both offer. 

So, Ohana is the latest release by Mami Jewell and it is available in 14 different shades. Mami's talent in combining exquisite textures with mesh and playful flexi's is indescribable. Out of all these shades, I picked the Aqua one as it reminded me of summer and water. It is such a beautiful gown...

To pair Ohana, I used the fantastic and well crafted (as always!) Tres Monegasque jewelry set released by Belle Roussel only last weekend! The combination of metals and stunning gems will take your breath away! It comes with a texture change HUD so you'll be able to use this set with practically any colour of gown (or other outfit) you may be wearing. Check out the close up below to see how beautiful this set is!

□ □ □


Gown | AZUL - Ohana*
Jewelry | CHOP ZUEY - Tres Monegasque
Hair | VANITY HAIR - La Espanola**
Eyeshadow | ZIBSKA - Ursel
Skin | ELYSIUM - Amalie

*Brand NEW Release
**Available at the [Hair Fair 2015] event until July 26, 2015



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