Two weeks... it was 2 weeks without my PC! As you can imagine work kept piling up while things around the house were getting done. I missed working, my Photoshop classes, friends and of course blogging! So, now I am BACK and could not be any happier!

So, having to go through all the notecards, the boxes with goodies from my amazing sponsors plus the items I couldn't resist to from a number of events, I decided to put together a casual look. A lovely sweater from ISON in soft angora wool with a very cute undershirt was my choice for a top. Then looking through all the leggings in my inventory I went for a pair I have worn almost 1,000,000 times! The Maitreya leggings in black were perfect for my look. My ankle boots with socks from the re-vamped Agapee store were a total match for this casual and comfy to wear outfit.

As you can see in my close up, I am also wearing a pair of oh-so-cute and oh-so-sweet headphones from Astralia that you really want to get a bite off if you are anything like me! I love muffins but cupcakes or fairy-cakes (as called in some parts of England) are the best for me and these headphones just remind me of them! 

What you may also notice is a slight change! Did you?? I changed my look slighly by substituting my eyelashes and eyeliner! After getting to know the Oceane Body Design products I just had to... My lashes, eyeliner and lipstick are from Oceane and you will be seeing more of them from now on!

□ □ □


Sweater| ISON - Wool side Cut [White]*
Leggings | Maitreya - Leggings [Black]
Boots | *agapee* - Nicole
Headphones | Astralia - Sweet Music**
Hair | Moon. - Plateau II***
Eyelashes | Oceane Body Design - "Oh mr Grey"
Eyeliner | Oceane Body Design - Intense
Lipstick | Oceane Body Design - Gloss [Campari]
Ring - R | ISON - Safari Tribe [Silver]
Ring - L | LUXE. Mikky
Skin | Elysium - Amalie

*Available at the [Collabor88] event until December 6, 2015.
**Rare Gacha Item - Available at the [Kustom9] event until December 10, 2015.
***Available at the [Tres Chic] event until December 5, 2015.

□ □ □

I hope you liked my look and if you did, then I'd love it if you pressed that "+1" or that Like button!


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